A Problem That Exists: Documenting Offenses Committed by Texas Trans Individuals.

April 4, 2002. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Marcus Alexander. “Fair Child Assault Trial Questioned for Crossdresser.” https://archive.is/3b49m#selection-2357.0-2697.51

May 16, 2003. Navarro County, TX. Trans woman. Curtis Gene Copeland. “Indecency with Child.” https://genderidentitywatch.com/2014/03/01/copeland-v-ferrell-usa/ 

May 2008. Tyler, TX. Trans woman. Dominique Debose. “Cross-dresser Who Had Sex with 13 Year Old Gets Life.” http://archive.is/U3n1S 

January 22, 2010. Abilene, TX. Trans woman. Renata Antoinette Monet “Murder-Suicide in Abilene.”  https://archive.is/nHFGE#selection-787.0-1157.426 

June 8, 2010. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Anthony Joseph Rizzatto. “Disabled Woman Claims Crossdressing Census Worker Assaulted Her.” https://web.archive.org/web/20110827095512/http:/www.39online.com/news/local/kiah-crossdressing-census-worker-assault-story,0,4559418.story 

November 22, 2010. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Tyjanae Moore. “Texas Trans Woman Arrested for Using Female Toilet.” http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2010/11/24/texas-trans-woman-arrested-for-using-female-toilet/ 

January 15, 2011. Uvalde, TX. Trans woman. Jennifer Gellar. “Trans-Woman Fights for Experience of Living in All-Girls Dorm.” https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/%E2%80%9Ctranswoman%E2%80%9D-fights-for-experience-of-living-in-all-girls-dorm/ 

July 21, 2011. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Zyah Jones. “Cross-Dressing Man Accused of Exposing Self to Girl.”  https://archive.is/VfAJY#selection-1515.0-1730.0

September 18, 2011. San Antonio, TX. Trans women. “Tranny Fight Breaks out Into News Van.” https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=595_1316456154  http://archive.is/U78Iy

May 2012. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Paul Ray Witherspoon. “Child Sex Predator Paul Ray Witherspoon Ticketed for Using Female Restroom Uses Gender Identity Defense.” https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/child-sex-predator-paul-ray-witherspoon-ticketed-for-using-female-restroom-uses-gender-identity-defense/

December 13, 2012. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Tegan Marie Smith. “Trans Woman Says She Was Singled Out, Detained at Dallas Love Field.”  http://www.dallasvoice.com/trans-woman-singled-out-detained-dallas-love-field-10134397.html

September 28, 2013. Lubbock, TX. Trans woman. Andrew Rodriguez. Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. http://archive.is/u8hje

October 3, 2013. Athens, TX. Trans woman. Roxann Joganik. “Transgender Discrimination Complaint Against Athens RC Park Owner Ends in Settlement. http://www.cedarcreeklake.com/lake-life--Transgender-discrimination-complaint-against-Athens-RV-park-owner-ends-in-settlement/1982

April 2014. San Antonio, TX. Trans Woman. Upskirt Pictures by trans woman at Victoria’s Secret. https://archive.is/5Oohf

April 11, 2014. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Jodielynn Wiley. “Transgender Woman Says She Was Refused Shelter by the Salvation Army.”  http://www.msnbc.com/way-too-early/transgender-woman-claims-she-was-refused-housing

June 28, 2014. Austin, TX. Trans woman. Kylie Jack. “Transgender Woman Accuses Lingerie Store of Humiliating Her During Bra Fitting.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2676693/Transgender-woman-accuses-lingerie-shop-humiliating-bra-fitting.html

June 8, 2015. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Jimmie Joe Clarke. “Dallas Butt Injection Death Ruled a Homicide.”  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/06/08/dallas-butt-injection-death-ruled-a-homicide/28722651/

June 9, 2015. Jimmie Joe Clarke. Murder.  http://archive.is/P6G1O

July 25, 2015 (and 2004). Longview, TX. Trans woman. Lester Levelle Reedy. “Longview Police Arrest Cross-Dressing Sex-Offender.  https://archive.is/mvSdn

March 12, 2016. Abilene, TX. Trans woman. “Transgender Killer From Abilene Wants State to Pay for Sex-Change.” http://archive.is/QiHLD

March 16, 2016. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Brandon Jackson. Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. http://archive.is/odNkl

March 24, 2016. Fort Worth, TX. Trans Man. “Gender-Neutral Teen Causes Strive on Social Media.”

May 17, 2016. mesquite, tx. Trans woman. “Shopper Upset Man Allowed to use Women’s Dressing Room in Ross.” http://archive.is/bxku8

June 7, 2016. Cresson, TX. Cross-dressing cowboy not welcome in ladies’ room at North Texas barbecue joint.”  http://archive.is/zmBuM

June 8, 2016. Denton, TX. Trans woman. “No relief on restroom complaints at Denton Senior Center.” http://archive.is/stQf7

June 14, 2016. Edinburgh, TX. Trans woman. Vanessa Edwards. “Transgender Woman Arrested After Indecency with Child Allegations.”  http://archive.is/zqTGj

June 25, 2016. Lubbock, TX. Trans woman. Brian Patrick Garcia. “Retaliation.” http://archive.is/j9JZM

July 15, 2016. Dallas, TX.  Trans woman. Salmeron Umanzor. Assault on Security Officer. Illegal Alien. http://archive.is/ZkmmK

October 3, 2016. Texahoma, TX. Trans woman. Ricki Morgan. “Local Transgender Woman Speaks Out About Bathroom Issues.” http://archive.is/VxG4J

November 10, 2016. Dallas, TX. Trans woman. Jamie Lynn. “Transgender Student Says Administrator Asked Inappropriate Questions About Her Body.” http://archive.is/U4IJE

December 30, 2016. Fort Worth, TX.  At least 5 trans women: Donald Collins, Annette Sandoval, Darnell Nash, Linda Thompson, Peter Langan. “Jeanette Driever, Rhonda Fleming, Charlsa Suzanne Little vs. United States of America.” http://files.eqcf.org/cases/716-cv-00054-102/

January 29, 2017. Austin, TX. Trans woman. Carina Magyar. “Transgender Comedian Makes Her Bathroom Business Public.”  http://archive.is/yqTyK#selection-2173.1-2173.13

February 4, 2017. Mesquite, TX. Trans woman. Arnoldo Ortiz. Criminal Trespassing Habitat, Shelter. http://archive.is/3QaMr

February 16, 2017. El Paso, TX. Trans Woman. Transgender Illegal Immigrant is Srrested by ICE Agents Moments After Winning a Protective Order Against her 'Abusive' Boyfriend.”

March 15, 2017. Arlington, TX. Trans woman.  Deante Gordon. “Police ID Suspects in North Texas Hospital Theft Ring.” http://archive.is/eQxBW   http://archive.is/nHZqU

March 23, 2017. Irving, TX. Trans man Myesha Lee and Trans woman Jarrell Owens. “Apartment Manager Helps Catch North Texas Mail Suspects.” http://archive.is/SN3Cs