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A Problem That Exists: Documenting Offenses Committed by Texas Trans Individuals.

April 4, 2002. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Marcus Alexander. “Fair Child Assault Trial Questioned for Crossdresser.”

May 16, 2003. Navarro County, TX. Trans woman. Curtis Gene Copeland. “Indecency with Child.”

May 2008. Tyler, TX. Trans woman. Dominique Debose. “Cross-dresser Who Had Sex with 13 Year Old Gets Life.”

January 22, 2010. Abilene, TX. Trans woman. Renata Antoinette Monet “Murder-Suicide in Abilene.”

June 8, 2010. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Anthony Joseph Rizzatto. “Disabled Woman Claims Crossdressing Census Worker Assaulted Her.”,0,4559418.story

November 22, 2010. Houston, TX. Trans woman. Tyjanae Moore. “Texas Trans Woman Arrested for Using Female Toilet.” http://www.pi…